Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

 Happy Easter from our family to yours! He is Risen! So much to celebrate! So thankful for the Life that we have in Christ! We enjoyed spending the three day weekend in Houston with family and lots of activity.
 Saturday we went to Titus' first ever egg hunt. He needed a little help, but to our surprise actually caught on to the idea.

This sweet little girl even shared an egg with Titus.

The cute cousins.

I had to help him go through his eggs, and may have had a few of his sweet treats.

Then we went for some yummy bbq. Titus loves baked beans, just like his daddy!

Sunday we woke up and went to church and celebrate our wonderful Savior with family and then some super yummy food.

 Me and my boy.

And we are off for another egg hunt!

He definitely got the idea this time, but wasn't near as fast as the "big" kids.

 I hope you enjoyed this Easter season and celebrated the One True Living King!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Camping at Inks Lake

The fam.
Camping at Inks Lake was a blast. It is expensive for camping and you have to make reservations weeks in advance, but it was well worth it! Oh and I can't believe something this beautiful is only an hour from our house. We went with families from our small group. We had 8 adults and 6 kids. Before going we thought we were alittle crazy, and well we were. The kids and husbands LOVED being outsides, and well the ladies all got a little tan. We fished, kayaked, the babies swam, the men played horse shoes, and of course we all ate way too many smores. Oh yes and Titus played in the dirt for hours. I am thankful for wonderful friends, beautiful families, and God given amazing weather.

This was our amazing camp site.
My baby.

The kayak put TItus to sleep.

Playing in the dirt :) Boys!

We love the water!

Bringing these swings was an genius idea!

Some of the babies in the pool.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Titus is already 14 Months!! How did that happen???

 So I haven't blogged in months. This is what pregnancy and crazy nieghbors does to me. But thankfully the neighbor stress is gone, and I am finally feeling pretty great (22 weeks in!) So here is a update on toddler Titus! We love him so and can't believe how much he has changed.
So here is our big boy, no longer a baby :( but a crazy little toddler!

This is life once daddy gets home. Lots of play. Here they are playing their special version of hide and seek. Titus loves to chase dad, climb, throw everything and give snuggles.

Titus is loads of fun and full of energy!
Look at me mom, I did this all by myself!

This is the best pic we could get of him "sitting" in my lap. He's not still for long these days.

His favorite place is outside.
and he giggles almost everytime he goes down a slide.

I know these are blurry but they are just too cute. So this is Titus' best friend Luke.

He loves to pat him, play fetch and get an occassional piggy back ride.
Here Titus is eating chips and salsa at Chili's. He loves to eat like us!
 He has also now somewhat mastered the use of a spoon and fork!
This is Titus' favorite toy. A miniature wooden bat.

And don't think that he doesn't know how to use it. How come boys naturally know how to swing things?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

7 and 8 months

That video is life around here. Crawling, jibber jabber, up and down and putting everything in his mouth. No, I don't let him eat paper! That funny fake laugh or fake cough sounding noise you here is what we call his happy noise. Whenever Keith gets home, Titus goes crazy making that happy noise. He sure loves his daddy!
 Here they are on our family vacation. Florida was beautiful, family was fun and time away was priceless.

Look at me! I love to stand :) Up and down, up and down and cruising all around. That's Titus' favorite game to play.

 The video below is of his cute little  giggle. Lately every new adventure brings on laughter. He is my little giggle box.
We love this little buddy. So thankful for the joy and life he brings.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Party at my crib!

This is Titus last night at 10pm. Yes that's right 10. His normal bed time is 8. But last night he didn't want to sleep. He wanted to play. So the awesome first time parents we are, we let him play. It was too cute.
This is Titus this morning.... after a 15 minute nap.... only 15 minutes???What? I'm dying here..... why don't you take 2 hr naps like every other 6 month old? I did let him play in his crib for 30 minutes before I got him out, realizing he is not going back to sleep.

This is Titus last night.He is having a blast... notice there are no toys... and dad is in the background saying "it's bedtime". But baby boy does not care, it's all party for him!

This is a stealth video taken by Keith a couple of weeks ago when Titus was partying in his crib.
We love this non-sleeply but happy little boy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6 Months! What?

Well I can't believe it but .... Titus is six months old.... it is hard to believe ... this half a year has flown by! We went to the doctor today and Titus is 19lbs8oz and 27.5 inches long and well his head is huge too. We absolutely love our little chunk of a man. He has the happiest little spirit and is already all over the place.
So this past month there have been lost of first and lots of things Titus loves.
If you look closely.... you can see his first two bottom teeth. They are cute and super sharp!
We also had our first cereal. And it was a hit!
He also had his first water in a sippy cup. It was weird I just handed him the cup and he knew exactly what to do with it.
This month we are starting baby food.
Titus is rolling all over the place and getting up on all fours and scooting backwards, but no crawling yet. Maybe next month?

Now on to the things he LOVES!
Cute and funny... Titus loves to suck that big toe.
He also loves cups. His favorite toy... a plastic Rudy's BBQ cup. If you have a cup watch out because Titus wants it.
He also loves all things water...
Bath time and the rubber ducky are very popular around here.
Oh and there is nothing better than the pool!
He loves books like his momma
and baseball like his dad.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 Months

Today Titus is five months old. Not much has changed in this past month. He is super fun. A very happy and smiley baby.

The biggest change is that he screams. He has found his voice box and LOVES to use it. All day everyday... if he's not sleeping he is screaming..

He can now sit up, but looses interest after about 10 seconds and does this....
Then he giggles... because like his daddy, he thinks falling is fun? Boys.

Speaking of Keith. Titus loves dad!
He now reaches and smiles for dad.
Titus and Luke are still in the process of becoming "buddies"

Titus sleeps when he is tired, and there is not much warning sometimes... he just passes out.

Like his first trip to the beach. He slept the whole time.
Here he is sitting like a big boy in the shopping cart! I love this, it makes my trip so much easier and he loves to smile at people and watch everything.

Oh yes... and let's not forget that this month.... Titus started sleeping through the night! Yeah!
Oh wait then he started rolling over in his sleep and waking up mad about 5 times a night.
Oh well so much for sleep.... maybe next month?